Mike Johnston Releases First TV Ad Highlighting Plan to Address Homelessness

Momentum builds for Johnston as ballots are mailed out

Today, Mike Johnston for Mayor released the campaign’s first TV ad highlighting Mike’s plan to address homelessness by immediately building supportive housing to help people get off the streets and get the support services they need. The ad is part of a 6-figure TV buy to introduce Mike and his plan for Denver to voters across the city.


“I’m running for mayor because we have a moral obligation to house everyone in Denver,” says Mike Johnston in the ad. “That means building new housing right now with mental health, addiction, and job training services people need to rebuild their lives and get back on their feet…Denver’s streets are for all of us, but they shouldn’t be home to any of us”

Mike is the only candidate to release a comprehensive and fully paid-for plan to end unsheltered homelessness in his first term. As Mayor, Mike will build 1,400 tiny home units in 10-20 microcommunities throughout the city using federal funds available through ARPA. These microcommunities, which will allow people living together in encampments to access stable, dignified housing as a community, will also provide wraparound mental health, addiction, and workforce training services to help people get the support they need.

The launch of the campaign’s TV ad builds on Mike’s increasing momentum as voters start to receive their ballots. Following the campaign’s strong fundraising haul in February and its first official Get Out the Vote canvass launch on Saturday, Mike earned the endorsement of the Denver Post editorial board, who applauded his homelessness plan as “a compassionate way to address the encampments that have taken over some public spaces downtown.” 

With only three weeks until Election Day, Mike has the momentum he needs to get his vision for Denver out to voters in every corner of the city, mobilize supporters, and win on April 4th.

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