Mike Johnston Outraises Entire Field In First Fundraising Deadline of 2023

Denver Mayoral candidate Mike Johnston continues breakneck fundraising pace, raises over $275,000 in January alone

Mike Johnston’s campaign for Denver Mayor raised more than $275,000 in the month of January, including $131,124 in direct donations and an expected FEF match of at least $140,000. This is the largest fundraising haul of the 17-candidate field and dramatically increased his fundraising pace from a field-leading Q4 pace that “double[d] the pace of fundraising of the next closest candidate.” 

“I’m proud to have earned the support of so many Denverites in this campaign,” said Mike Johnston. “From passing universal preschool and funding for affordable housing and homelessness to taking on the NRA and passing Colorado’s version of the DREAM Act, I’ve had the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with Denverites who saw that something better was possible and refused to give up until we fixed the ‘unfixable’ problems we faced. I’m running for Mayor because I deeply believe that we can fix Denver’s hardest problems, and I’m honored to have the strong backing of so many people who believe in that same vision.”

Just last month, Mike earned the support of more than 260 Denver donors, and the campaign expects to raise more than $275,000 with FEF matching, surpassing $600,000 raised since entering the race in late November.

“As Mike continues to far outraise the 17-candidate Mayoral field, it’s clear that his experience in bringing together broad coalitions of people to deliver strong results, his real plans to fix Denver’s hardest problems, and his deep belief that Denver can be America’s best city is resonating with Denverites in every corner of the city,” said Mike Johnston for Mayor Campaign Manager Camilo Vilaseca. “With just 34 days until ballots are mailed out, we’re excited to use this outpouring of support to continue to meet voters where they’re at in every single neighborhood in Denver.”

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