Mike Johnston Finishes First in Denver Mayoral Election, Enters Runoff With Momentum 

Mike Johnston finished first in the election for Denver Mayor on April 4th and will be advancing to the run-off election on June 6th. 

Despite entering the race well after other candidates in late November, Mike’s detailed plans, deep expertise in building broad coalitions to fix tough problems, and bold vision for the city resonated with Denverites across the city, propelling him into the runoff. 

“I am so grateful that Denverites across the city built a big coalition of voters from all walks of life to support our campaign and show the city what is possible when you have a big vision and the detailed plans to get it done,” said Mike Johnston. “I’m proud to have earned the support of so many Denverites because of my track record of getting things done for the city, and as we move forward with optimism for our city and for our communities, I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my fellow neighbors to deliver on homelessness, affordable housing, and public safety for all of Denver.”  

Mike Johnston led returns throughout the night, earning 24.44% of the vote. This is due in large part to his long track record of delivering results for the city of Denver first as a school principal, then as a state senator, and most recently, as the CEO of a local foundation, as well as his detailed, fully paid-for plans to tackle issues like homelessness, public safety, and affordability head on. 

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