Former First Lady of Colorado Dottie Lamm Endorses Mike Johnston

Today, former First Lady of Colorado and women’s rights activist and leader Dottie Lamm released the following statement announcing her endorsement of Mike Johnston for Mayor of Denver.

“My husband, the late Governor Dick Lamm, and I first spotted Mike Johnston when, still in highschool, he took a regular, active part in a prestigious adult forum. ‘That kid’s going to go places!’ said Dick. ‘Yup,’ I answered, ‘and maybe we can help him!’

So it is with great honor and excitement that I endorse this “kid” who is now grown with kids of his own, as he stands on the cusp of becoming the next Mayor of Denver. I think of his kids, my kids, and all of Denver’s grandkids and am thankful that he entered this race.

Over the years, Mike has supported and put into action more of my values than I can count: lessening the wealth gap between rich and poor, fighting for the rights of people of color and other marginalized groups, getting bills passed to support affordable housing, totally backing reproductive freedom and choice, raising the minimum wage, protecting parks and open space. And he has had the guts to take on the more controversial issue of gun control.

There has not been a time in our history when the challenges to our city such as homelessness, crime, affordable housing, transportation, access to affordable child care and the creation of green space have been so overwhelming. Mike Johnston has the experience, the vision, the leadership skills, the detailed plans, and the ability to bring people together to solve these immense problems and take Denver well into the next decade and beyond.

Do join me in giving your support and your vote to Mike Johnston! The future of the city that we love, its citizens, its children, its grandchildren could well depend upon your vote!”

Dottie Lamm has long been a leader in Colorado. When she served as First Lady, she used her platform to advocate for reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, and access to affordable and equitable child care. She also fought for legislation that helped low-income families, people of color, and communities that had long been left behind receive the resources and support they needed to thrive.

“Dottie Lamm has been a trailblazer for women and families in Colorado and across the country for decades,” said Mike Johnston. “Her leadership on issues like abortion access, accessible child care, and closing the wealth gap has inspired me and helped guide me throughout my entire career. I’m honored to have her support in the race for Mayor of Denver, and look forward to working together to make Denver a city where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.” 

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