Former Denver Mayor Federico Peña Endorses Mike Johnston

“Mike’s got the vision, the energy and ideas to not only reimagine a great city, but make Denver the greatest city in the world.

Former Denver Mayor Federico Peña today announced his endorsement of Mike Johnston in the runoff election for Denver Mayor. Peña was Denver’s Mayor from 1983 to 1991 and served as the U.S. Secretary of the Departments of Transportation and Energy in the Clinton Administration.

“Mike Johnston is the right person at the right time to lead Denver. He brings bold and creative solutions to tackle the many challenges facing our city: homelessness; crime; costly housing; ozone pollution; unplanned growth,” said Mayor Federico Peña. “When Mike sees a problem, he takes action and addresses the issue. He has done this as a legislator and a non-profit leader. Under his leadership, I am confident that we can continue to build upon our great city and make Denver a city of opportunity for every family.”

Mayor Peña brought transformational change to Denver, leading the efforts to build Denver International Airport, redevelopment of the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, a new Convention Center, the Lower Downtown Historic District, and bringing the Colorado Rockies to town. His work made Denver an international destination and brought jobs and economic opportunity to communities across the city.

“When we were at a crossroads, Mayor Peña captivated Denver with his vision  to “imagine a great city”, said Mike Johnston. “He turned that vision into a reality by transforming a self described cow-town into a world class city,  and making sure that economic opportunity reached every neighborhood. I’m incredibly proud to have his support as we stand at another critical crossroads, and work to bring bold, detailed plans to tackle our toughest challenges and establish Denver as America’s best city.”

Mayor Peña joins former Speaker Terrance Carroll and former Senate President Peter Groff on the growing list of endorsers for Mike Johnston in his campaign for Denver Mayor.

Watch Mayor Peña’s Endorsement Here:

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