Denver Mayoral Candidate Mike Johnston Visits All 78 Neighborhoods As Denverites Submit Their Ballots

Mike enters election day with significant momentum

Today, as Denverites cast their ballots for the next Mayor, Mike Johnston completed his 3D Denver Tour, visiting all 78 neighborhoods in Denver to meet voters where they’re at, visit the small businesses that are the heart of Denver’s economy, and share his bold vision to fix the city’s toughest problems. 

Mike has entered election day with significant momentum behind him, campaigning across the city, earning key endorsements, and leading in fundraising in February and March. As the city faces significant challenges with homelessness, housing affordability, and rising crime, Mike earned the endorsement of the Denver Post who applauded him for the for the “logic behind his approach, the research and care that went into developing the plan[s]…” his work at a local non-profit as an “executive who knows how to develop and implement policy,” and his “record of independence.” 

“As voters across the city submit their ballots, it’s clear that Mike’s detailed plans to address homelessness, make housing more affordable, and increase public safety are resonating with Denverites in every single neighborhood,” said Mike Johnston for Mayor spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “After spending 10 days visiting all 78 neighborhoods in Denver, there’s no doubt that voters are looking for a leader like Mike who has a strong track record of successfully building broad coalitions to take on the city’s toughest problems to make Denver America’s best city.”

Polls close in Denver at 7:00 PM MST. 

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